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Joseph Warren

& the Wanderlust Revival


Based out of Kansas City, Missouri (KCMO), Joseph Warren and the Wanderlust Revival is a unique caravan of Midwestern roamers.  Rooted in a firm sense of family, community, and creativity, the band blends Joseph Warren Wheeler's thoughtful crooning with hauntingly entrancing melodies.  With a sound as dynamic and passionate as soul-stirring wanderlust, the group provides a bewitching experience of infectious song composition, musicianship, and band chemistry both live and on digital recordings.


Vocals, Tenor Guitar, Guitar, Banjo / Joseph Warren Wheeler
Bass, Rhythm / Bill Wald
Drums, Percussion / Jake Gronbeck
Vocals / Eva Louise Hall

Honorary Members

Violin / Michael Turnbo

Accordion, Piano / Matthew Gibbs



live shows



The Greenwood Demos

by Joseph Warren & the Wanderlust Revival